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Hundreds of years before pumpkin pie and jack-o-lanterns, the Fremont Indians grew corn, beans, and types of squash that may have included pumpkin. 

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State leaders and a congressman pledged on Friday to keep fighting Washington on behalf of rural Utah.

The governor and lieutenant governor both served on county commissions early in their careers. So it was no surprise on “Rural Legislative Day” at the State Capitol that they promised to back up local leaders on issues like boosting jobs and education. And, like them, Utah Congressman Rob Bishop said he’ll keep taking rural Utah’s side against what they call federal overreach.

Utah Supreme Court Decides Primary Election Case

Sep 8, 2014
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Republican party leaders in Millard County will have to nominate a candidate for county commission before the ballot deadline next week. The Utah Supreme Court gave election officials some new guidance on how to handle a disputed primary election.

After a hearing on Friday, the state Supreme Court upheld part of a lower court ruling that invalidated the June 21st primary election. But the state’s highest court vacated the order requiring a new election.

  The Republican primary election for a seat on the Millard County Commission could be decided by the Utah Supreme Court.  State election officials are asking for a quick ruling in the case.

Election night returns on June 24th showed Jim Dyer defeating incumbent County Commissioner Jim Withers by one vote.  But the official canvass a few weeks later gave Withers the victory by five votes.  Dyer then sued Withers in 4th District Court to challenge the results of the election.  But Mark Thomas, who oversees elections in the lieutenant governor’s office, says that was a mistake.

Bob Weston

  The state of Utah may intervene in a lawsuit challenging the results of a primary election in Millard County.  A court decision last Friday raises a number of issues that aren’t addressed by Utah’s current law.

The initial count of votes in the June 24th Republican primary for a seat on the Millard County Commission showed the incumbent candidate, James Withers, losing to Jim Dyer by one vote.  A second count showed Withers winning by five votes.

BASE Jumping Fatality at Notch Peak

May 8, 2013
Fernando Motta

  Notch Peak is a 9600-foot mountain about 35 miles west of Delta, Utah.  From the top, it’s a two-thousand foot drop straight down – and that’s one reason why it’s become a favorite spot for BASE jumping – jumping off the cliff with wing suits and parachutes.  There have been two fatalities there in the past year, one just ten days ago.