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Rep. Mia Love Opens New District Office

Utah Republican Congresswoman Mia Love opened a new district office in West Jordan on Friday.
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  Thousands of Utahns gathered at the State Capitol Saturday to remind lawmakers they want more action on clean air.

Data is based on U.S. Census Bureau figures.
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A new study has found that 18% of seniors in Utah over the next 15 years will retire with more debt that savings. That’s 1 in 5 Utahns who are likely to retire poor.

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Utah lawmakers are hashing out a plan to enact state-wide protections for LGBT people in employment and housing, while protecting religious liberty. The two ideas may be combined into one piece of legislation.

A Utah legislator is proposing a bill that would help fix the regulatory problems facing online HR company Zenefits.

The 2015 Legislative session has finally arrived, and it’s already looking like they’ll be plenty to battle over in the next 45 days.

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Governor Gary Herbert made the case for his Medicaid expansion plan this week, but fellow Republican lawmakers are still not convinced.

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State lawmakers rolled out nearly two dozen bills and funding requests Thursday that focus on air quality.

This session’s efforts come the year after the Legislature enacted more air-quality legislation than in the previous decade. And lawmakers want constituents to know they’re still paying attention.

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The House Transportation Committee approved a bill on Thursday that would help schools and school districts replace old buses with ones that run on cleaner fuels.

Utah Transit Authority

The Salt Lake County health department is handing out thousands of free public transit passes to Salt Lake County residents. They hope the effort will get more people on buses and trains and out of personal vehicles that contribute to air pollution.

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Governor Gary Herbert delivered his State of the State address Wednesday  night from the Utah State Capitol. 


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