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After a story is reported, sometimes there’s more to say. Host Doug Fabrizio talks with KUER reporters as they unpack stories they’ve recently published. You'll hear new insights, unheard recordings and what initially inspired them. It’s kind of like a director’s cut… the good kind. 

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The Stigma Of Pornography

Nov 16, 2017

Watching pornography is often referred to as a sin. A sin that can greatly disrupt an individual’s life and even end relationships. But what if some of those negative consequences have more to do with the stigma surrounding porn than porn itself? Doug Fabrizio talks with KUER’s Lee Hale about how this stigma plays out in individual lives.

When Your Senator Blocks You

Nov 16, 2017

It’s been said that Twitter is the public square of our times, but some people say their elected officials would rather not have them there. In fact, they know they don’t because they’ve been blocked.  Doug Fabrizio talks with KUER’s Julia Ritchey about whether or not that should even be legal. 

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Introducing: More To Say

Nov 6, 2017

After a story is reported, sometimes there's more to say.

Look for a new podcast coming from KUER News that takes the stories we've aired and turns them into conversations. Get the first two episodes on November 16, with new episodes every Thursday.