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Utah Water Report Completed, Hard Choices Coming Up

Jul 20, 2017

Utah’s water strategy has been years in the making.

And dozens of people with wide-ranging backgrounds have been sorting through the question: How is Utah going to maintain its quality of life, a healthy environment and a robust economy when water is limited and the population continues to grow?

A blue-ribbon panel presented a long to-do list Wednesday for keeping the water flowing in Utah. But that’s just the beginning of deciding what should happen next.

“There is no silver-bullet solution,” said Rep. Timothy Hawkes, a Republican lawmaker representing Davis County, who was also a task force leader.

“And the future will force us to make hard choices and become ever more careful in the way we conserve and allocate precious water resources.”

The report says we need to use water more efficiently in homes, farms and businesses and to conserve it better. And higher water costs are almost certain.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert (R) organized the panel to include different – and sometimes conflicting – points of view. He praised task force members for thrashing through some touchy issues, including climate change, but coming together to suggest a path forward.

“We’re talking 50 years plus into the future,” Herbert said at a news conference where he accepted the task force report. “So, it’s not necessarily going to be easy.”

Should agriculture get a bigger share? Or cities? Are big, expensive water projects like the Lake Powell Pipeline needed? If yes, when, and who’s paying?

Herbert’s next step is drafting a priority list.

“The challenges we face are real,” he said. “They are significant. Tough choices are going to be a part of that, but those are tough choices we can make.”

The final water strategy report is posted on the Envision Utah web page.