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UTA Says Electronic Card Payments Coming Soon

Aug 28, 2013

Utah Transit Authority is rolling out a new electronic payment system that will eliminate the need for many TRAX and bus riders to carry change.

FAREPAY, is a card riders can load with up to $500 and use to tap on and off busses and trains. For a $3 service fee, riders can pick up a card at participating stores, at any UTA customer service location or order it on UTA’s website and have it delivered. The card can be loaded with money on the spot or online using a credit card.  UTA Spokesman Remi Barron says it’s already a familiar concept for many. 

“It’s a lot like the card that University students have and they use that to tap on and tap off or monthly pass holders,” Barron says. “It’s just now that this card. This FAREPAY card is available to anyone.”

Barron says FAREPAY might be a better option for many people than buying a monthly pass which requires users to pay a set amount that expires if it’s not used. He says FAREPAY has no expiration.

“They might see this as a bit more convenient. It’s more flexible because you’re only charged by the ride,” Barron says. “But it’s really a big benefit to people that used cash. They don’t have to fumble for change. They don’t have to bring the exact change. They don’t have to carry cash money around with them.”

Barron also says riders who use the system frequently might find it cheaper to keep the monthly pass, which runs $83.75 in September, compared to say 20 round-trip TRAX passes, which is $100.

FAREPAY is expected to go online by the end of September.