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Quick Upgrade Coming for Huntsman Events Center Arena

Feb 14, 2014

Jon M. Huntsman Center
Credit Bob Nelson

A $6.6 million dollar renovation is planned for the Jon M. Huntsman Center. Crews will begin work as soon as the Ute basketball season is over so the project can be completed before the commencement season starts.  Shireen Ghorbani  of University Facilities Management says the sound baffle known as “the cloud” is going away.

“And then above in that space in the center will be a grid system that can hang curtains to break up the space in different ways,” says Ghorbani.

She says the project fills the long-time need for medium sized spaces on campus.

Arena with drapery (top) and without.
Credit University of Utah Facilities Management

“It’s going to really improve the opportunities to bring speakers and have nice events on campus in a really big space in a way that we currently don’t have,” Ghorbani says.

Funding for the project comes entirely from the University of Utah. Landscaping and driveway improvements on the south side of the Huntsman Center were competed last fall.