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Nostalgia 2.0: 90's Rap Release Dates

Sep 29, 2013

More 90's nostalgia! Evan Auerbach delivers this piece for NPR's The Record, celebrating a number of dates from the 1990's that marked the release of classic hip-hop records.  A random highlight: April 17, 1990, which offered the release of A Tribe Called Quest's seminal People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm.  Auerbach brings to mind the true golden age of hip-hop as he pickins a variety of cuts that span the genre's wide stylistic spectrum.

On September 28, 1993, three very different albums, Souls of Mischief's 93 'Til Infinity, Spice 1's 187 He Wrote and KRS-One's Return of the Boom Bap.
Credit Jive Records