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Mormons For Trump Try To Win Back McMullin Supporters

Oct 14, 2016

Members of the group Mormons for Trump are concerned about a trend among LDS church faithful to support third-party candidates like Evan McMullin. They say the push to “vote your conscience” is unwittingly helping to put Democrat Hillary Clinton in the White House.

McMullin has undoubtedly benefited from the recent controversies surrounding Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The 40 year old former CIA officer told KUER last week after the video of Trump speaking crudely about women surfaced, interest in his own presidential campaign intensified.  

“For all those people who wondered why we were so adamant that Donald Trump must not be the next president of the United States, I think a lot of people are realizing that we were correct in that and are giving us a very good look right now,” McMullin said.

A recent poll by Y-2 Analytics shows Hillary Clinton and Donald trump tied in Utah with 26 percent. McMullin’s numbers have soared to 22 percent. He could potentially capture Utah’s six electoral votes.

Utah Actor and filmmaker Darin Southam heads up Mormons for Trump. He says Trump, as an outsider is the only person who can take on Washington corruption and face problems head on. 

“He’s just what we prayed for but he’s just not the package that we can accept,” Southam says. “And the package we can accept is the perfect person, who never speaks out of line, who has a straight tie and who goes to church and takes his sacrament every week.”

Most importantly, Southam says Trump has shown he can win and withstand ongoing attacks.