Expanded Solar Power Incentives Beginning from Rocky Mountain Power

Jan 14, 2013

Rocky Mountain Power is opening another lottery for their customers who want to receive incentives to help offset the costs of installing solar energy equipment on their homes or businesses. The program opens Tuesday the 15th and runs through the 28th of January. Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson Jeff Hymas says the $50 million dollars up for grabs through 2017 will benefit all power users.

Businesses may also receive benefits through lottery.
Credit Rocky Mountain Power

"Because it reduces the over-all electricity use and demand on our system and our analysis has shown a net benefit of a $1.63 for every dollar we put into the program. So this is actually helping to keep costs lower for all of our customers in Utah, not just those who receive the incentives," says Hymas.

He says Utah’s sunny days typically total 300 which can provide real savings on power bills.  Karen Gilmore, Rocky Mountain Power vice president of customer services says solar power also helps reduce a customer’s carbon footprint.

To apply for the incentives visit rockymountainpowersolar.net/solar.