Election 2008: Has the Time Come for a National Popular Vote?

Salt Lake City, UT – Presidential campaigns ultimately come down to who can win 270 Electoral College votes. Each state gets the same number of votes as the number of congressional representatives they have. So Utah gets 5 votes. California gets 55. For more than 200 years, many Americans have argued that it's an unfair system - with some state's votes worth more in an election, especially swing states. Americans like Bob Henline are calling for a return to a national popular vote. That's one person, one vote. Henline lives in Tooele and is the political director for the Electoral Fairness Project, a national grass-roots campaign committed to abolishing the Electoral College System. He's also author of a new guide that covers the history of the Electoral College and the arguments for and against it. He tells KUER's Jenny Brundin that at its creation more than 200 years ago, there was a lot of fear about how the president would be selected.

Electoral Fairness Project