Democrat Brian Wonnacott has "Toughest Climb Ever" for 3rd Congressional Seat

Apr 26, 2014

Software engineer Brian Wonnacott ran unopposed for the Democratic seat in the 3rd Congressional District against Republican incumbent Jason Chaffetz Saturday. The avid outdoorsman says he regularly climbs Mount Olympus and Grandeur Peak. In asking delegates for their vote, Wonnacott expressed his realistic view of his campaign.

“I’ve climbed Mt. Rainier and Kilimanjaro and now I hope to climb the highest mountain of all, the bureaucracy of the US Government,” say Wonnacott.

Wonnacott says he is known as someone who makes sure each side understands the point of view of the other even if he disagrees with one of them.

“As a software engineer, I care less about theory and more about what works…what works in real life for real people,” says Wonnacott.

Rob Miller, former treasurer of the Utah Democratic Party, says Wonnacott has concrete, good governing principles that make him the right guy to run against the incumbent.