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Auction Activist Could Face Prison

Salt Lake City, UT – The Bureau of Land Management's auction of oil and gas drilling leases on December 19th was thrown into confusion by a 27-year-old college student. Tim DeChristopher bid against oil and gas producers, pushing up the prices of many parcels. He was the successful bidder on 11. DeChristopher could now be facing criminal charges as a result, although a number of people, including former BLM director Pat Shea, have rallied to his support. The oil and gas industry group IPAMS says most of the other bidders at the auction will likely keep the parcels they've won rather than turning them back to the BLM. The U-S Attorney's office is working with BLM investigators to determine whether DeChristopher will face federal criminal charges.

Tim DeChristopher spoke with KUER's Dan Bammes. -- Website created by DeChristopher's supporters.