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Tue June 30, 2009

7/1/09: Who Wrote the Works of Shakespeare?

Salt Lake City, UT – It's been some 400 years since Shakespeare was writing - but for some, questions linger. How did an uneducated actor write some of the greatest works in the English language? There have been plenty of doubters over the years - among them Walt Whitman and Sigmund Freud. Now US Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens joins them. He believes the Earl of Oxford was the real Shakespeare. Wednesday, we're talking about the "authorship question," and whether there's any credence to the arguments.

  • The Utah Shakespearean Festival opens July 6th, though there are preview performances going on now. For more information and for tickets call 800-PLAY-TIX or click here
  • Read Jess Bravin's article Justice Stevens Renders an Opinion on Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays in the Wall Street Journal
  • Visit James Boyle's blog - including a video of the Supreme Court Moot Court debate on the authorship quesiton.
  • Click here for links to books by James Boyle and Richard Whalen

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