10/10/08: A Slight Discomfort | KUER 90.1

10/10/08: A Slight Discomfort

Salt Lake City, UT – Jeff Metcalf is a writer, so when he discovered he had prostate cancer, that's how he worked his way through the experience. He set about organizing a clear story out of the more abstract jumble of desperation, humiliation and revelation. Today on RadioWest, we're playing excerpts from the latest incarnation of Jeff's story, it's a piece of radio theater. Jeff will join us to talk the work - it's call "A Slight Discomfort." (Rebroadcast)

  • The Salt Lake Acting Company is staging "A Slight Discomfort" now through October 19th. For more information, click here or call 801-363-7522.
  • Visit Hearing Voices and hear A Slight Discomfort on-line
  • Salt Lake City's Men's Health Center

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  • Friday, October 10th, on RadioWest, XM Public Radio Channel 133: Why We Curse (Rebroadcast)