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University of Utah Health Plans announced this week they’ll expand marketplace insurance under the Affordable Care Act in 2018. They’ll go from covering about half the counties in Utah to the whole state.

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Stately, old trees stand at the heart of Holladay’s identity.

But some residents are saying proposed city limits on tree cutting go too far. And that’s made the tree ordinance the subject of some lively, civic debate in the East Bench community.

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Rosie Rivera was sworn in Tuesday as Sheriff of Salt Lake County. The former Unified Police Deputy Chief faces an overcrowded jail and a homelessness crisis marked by crime, mental illness and drug addiction.

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Tuesday night’s results are not final, but they show incumbent Salt Lake City Council members James Rogers and Erin Mendenhall with commanding leads— each held more than 75 percent of the vote in their respective races. 

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Provo Mayor John Curtis was declared the winner of Tuesday night’s Republican primary for the congressional race to replace Jason Chaffetz, though his main opponent had not yet conceded.  

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Clark Planetarium and the John Am Moran Eye Center want Utahns to toss out potentially faulty eclipse viewers.

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LDS church officials have updated their statement on the conflict in Charlottesville. The new message addresses those in the white supremacy community who have suggested the church’s stance to be neutral toward or in support of their views.


Utah Department of Health officials announced this week they’re opening enrollment for a state health insurance program called the Primary Care Network to adults without children. It’s the first time that specific coverage has been available since late 2015.

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Elected officials gathered on the steps of the Utah State Capitol Monday night in a show of unity against racist demonstrations in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

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A statewide effort to address crime in Salt Lake City’s Rio Grande neighborhood began Monday. “Operation Rio Grande” has three phases that start with large-scale arrests. 

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Tuesday is primary election day for the third congressional district special election and some municipalities around the state.

Organizers are planning two rallies tonight in Salt Lake in response to a white nationalist protest that turned violent over the weekend in Charlottesville, Va. 

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On Thursday President Trump described the opioid epidemic as an emergency and alluded to putting more resources towards the national health crisis. 

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Utahns will cast their ballots in primary elections along the Wasatch Front next week. Among the hundreds of candidates competing are several millennials running for office for the first time.

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It took nearly seven hours for Utah’s Public Service Commission to hear all the people who wanted to speak Wednesday about solar energy.


Safety first: since Utah will only see a partial solar eclipse, special ISO-certified glasses are a must. They’re widely available—the Clark Planetarium ordered 100,000 pairs and is selling them for $2 each.

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Democratic Congressional candidate Kathie Allen is launching a health care listening tour in a bid to highlight an issue she hopes will resonate with voters of the 3rd District.

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September 30th marks the end of the federal government’s fiscal year. Local healthcare advocates are concerned because it’s the time when federal funding for two health programs in Utah is set to expire.

Hale Center Theatre Rendering

Hale Center Theatre’s new facility in Sandy is nearing completion and is set to open later this fall. Officially called the Mountain America Performing Arts Centre, it features two separate stages and innovative stage technology.

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The announcement Tuesday of James Hamula’s excommunication from the LDS church while serving as a General Authority was particularly noteworthy because of how rarely it occurs.

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The State Homeless Coordinating Committee approved funding Tuesday to purchase the third of three properties where new homeless shelters will be built.

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A court case is playing out between the Drug Enforcement Agency and the state of Utah. At issue is whether the DEA should have greater access to private prescription drug information.


The race for Mayor in Draper City has become contentious, with accusations of lies and negative campaigning. Issues at the center of the race include backlash to a proposed homeless resource center and developing the site of the state prison after it moves further north.

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A high ranking leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been removed from his position and excommunicated from the church.

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Newspapers are reporting this week that some federal-government scientists worry the Trump administration will suppress their latest climate change update. Other reports say scientists in the U.S. Department of Agriculture have been warned to stop using the term “climate change.”


Last week Molina Healthcare announced it would no longer offer health insurance plans to Utah residents on the federal exchange in 2018. 

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An early morning downpour two weeks ago caused flooding and property damage around Salt Lake City and nowhere was hit harder than East High School.   

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A national group focused on enacting congressional term limits has launched a Utah chapter.

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Rocky Mountain Power and rooftop solar advocates have been negotiating for months, but they still can’t agree on how to compensate solar customers for excess energy they send to the grid. So, next week the Utah Public Service Commission begins hearings on the question.

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Officials from two counties in Utah say they sent Republican ballots in the 3rd Congressional District to unaffiliated voters by mistake, but they will be able to correct the problem.