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Utah Democrats

Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck On Her Retirement, The Right To Die And A Return To Advocacy

State lawmaker Rebecca Chavez-Houck announced this week she won’t be running for re-election after nearly a decade in Utah politics.

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Salt Lake City, UT –

Salt Lake City, UT –

Salt Lake City, UT –

Salt Lake City, UT –

Salt Lake City, UT –

Steve Williams plays jazz 10:00 pm - 12:00 pm.

Steve Williams plays jazz Monday 16th 8:00pm - 12:00pm

Salt Lake City, UT –

Steve Williams Plays Jazz Thursday 12th.


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American Nations

Historian Colin Woodard says America has always been divided, because we're not just one country. We are actually 11 distinct nations. He joins Doug Monday to explain.

This tour of Paris is like no other.

The Moth is coming to SLC

Tickets on sale now!

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An Ancient Spanish Style Of Cider Takes Root In America

16 minutes ago

There is a joke among cider makers when they open a bottle and its contents taste disappointingly sour or flawed:

"We say, 'Oh yeah, this cider went bad, so we just put it into green bottles and called it Spanish,' " says cider maker Nathaniel West, owner of Reverend Nat's Hard Cider in Portland, Ore.

Nancy and Dan Gapinski of Glendale, Wis., remember a time when they couldn't really communicate with their own son.

"He used to not really have any kinds of conversations with us. He did a lot of echoing things that we said, and scripting from movies," Nancy Gapinski says as she and her husband wait for their son Ben's school bus to arrive. "A lot of times kids didn't know how to respond to him then, and didn't know what he was trying to say and conversations wouldn't really go anywhere."

Most Mass Shootings Are Smaller, Domestic Tragedies

52 minutes ago

Horrific as Monday's shooting near Orlando, Fla., is, it's an outlier. The vast majority of gun deaths in America are either suicides or one-on-one shootings. Mass shootings represent a small fraction of deaths by firearm.

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As farmer Jon McConaughy wades through his flock of 400 sheep, lambs bleat, seemingly saying "maaaaa" as they look for their mothers in the huge pasture.

"Between seven and 10 lambs a week is what we use," McConaughy says, looking across the field. "That's what goes through the slaughterhouse."

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