KUER's Citizens of the World Travel Program 

Connect with the people and places that you hear about on NPR by joining KUER's "Citizens of the World" Travel Program. Experience UNESCO World Heritage conservation sites, learn about the historical significance of places traveled and immerse yourself in the food, language and culture of travel destinations throughout the world. Questions? Contact Gayle Ewer at (801) 587-9331 or

Iceland: Volcanoes, Fjords & Spas in the Land of  “Fire and Ice”

July 24th - August 1st, 2017

Despite Iceland's northern location, it is an unusually warm country, both in weather and in the hearts of its people. Active volcanoes provide natural spas throughout Iceland, glaciers and mountains dot the country providing the many rivers flowing to the ocean, and the Gulf Stream warms the island. Discover this warmth for yourself in Iceland's famous natural spas, on the trails of its mountains, waterfalls and volcanoes, and in the culture of its people. This trip is sure to leave an indelible impression, and fill your heart and soul with a type of Nordic happiness only Iceland can provide. 

Join fellow KUER listeners and staff for a trip around Iceland, including the volcanoes, fjords, spas and PUFFINS! For pricing, itinerary and to sign up, click here for the brochure

Questions? Contact Gayle Ewer at (801) 587-9331 or

Suggest a destination: Email Gayle Ewer, KUER's Marketing Manager, to tell her your ideas for new places that the "Citizens of the World" can explore.

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