Hinckley Forums

During spring and fall semesters the Hinckley Institute holds approximately 70 Hinckley Forums featuring local, national, and international political leaders and panels. Past Hinckley Forum guests include major figures such as Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Thomas Friedman, Harry Reid, Brent Scowcroft, and John McCain as well as local, national, and international politicians, ambassadors, lobbyists, activists, and academics.

Hinckley Forums are held in Orson Spencer Hall, Room 255. All forums are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Hinckley Forum: Making the Case for Higher Education to the Utah Legislature

Feb 21, 2014

Thursday February 6, 2013

Jason Perry, Vice President for Government Relations, U of U

Presented by ASUU Government Relations Board

Hinckley Forum: Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program

Feb 21, 2014

Wednesday February 5, 2014

Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program and America's Promotion of a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East

Henry Sokolski, Executive Director, NPEC

Sponsored by the Barbara L. and Norman C. Tanner Center for Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy

Wednesday February 12, 2014

  His Excellency Elin Suleymanov, Ambassador to the United States for Azerbaijan

Tuesday February 11, 2014

Kathryn Kay, Director, Office of Orientation and Leadership Development

Sonja Jensen, Director, Greek Council

Tom Hurtado, communications advisor, ASUU

Nick Robbins, Assistant Director, Admissions

Sam Ortiz (Moderator), President, ASUU

Presented by ASUU

Tuesday February 4, 2014

Kashmir Hill, Senior Online Editor at Forbes and author of The Not-So-Private-Parts blog

Hinckley Forums: Conservation Challenges

Feb 5, 2014

Friday January 31, 2014

Dalmas H. Nelson Lecture

Conservation Challenges - The Trends and How We Are Making a Difference Today

Mary Wagner, Associate Chief, U.S. Forest Service, Washington, D.C.

Hinckley Forums: Regulating Free Speech and Campaign Finance

Jan 24, 2014

Wednesday January 22, 2014

Regulating Free Speech and Campaign Finance: Where Should We Dram the Lines?

Bill Maurer, Executive Director, Institute for Justice Washington Chapter

Rep. Greg Hughes, Utah House Majority Whip

Royce Van Tassell (Moderator) Association Vice President, Utah Taxpayers Association

Hinckley Forums: Benghazi - Why It Matters

Jan 24, 2014

Friday January 17, 2014

Benghazi: Why It Matters

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT-R)

Presented by the Representative Rob Bishop Civic Engagement Fund

Hinckley Forums: Religion, Terror, and Error

Jan 15, 2014

Tuesday January 14, 2014

Religion, Terror, and Error: U.S. Foreign Policy and the Challenge of Spiritual Engagement

Dr. Douglas Johnston, president and founder of the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy; previous assignments, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy; Director of Policy Planning and Management, Office of Emergency Preparedness

Hinckley Forums: Neighborhood Elections or County My Vote?

Jan 15, 2014

Monday January 13, 2014

Taylor Morgan, Executive Director, Count My Vote Campaign

James Humphreys, Media/Public Relations Chair, Protect Our Neighborhood Elections

Co-sponsored by the College Republicans at the University of Utah

Tuesday December 3, 2013

The Victory Lab: The Secret of Winning Campaigns

Sasha Issenberg, Journalist and author; Fall 2013 Fellow, Harvard University Institute of Politics

Wednesday November 20, 2013

James Mayfield, Co-founder, CHOICE Humanitarian, author, Professor Emeritus - Public Administration & Middle East Studies - U of U, Consultant for Governments in 15 Countries

Global Internship Week

Presented by the Same Rich Program in International Politics Lecture Fund

Hinckley Institute: The Actual Meaning of the Constitution's Commerce Power

Nov 19, 2013

Tuesday November 19, 2013

Rob Natelson, Senior Fellow in Constitutional Jurisprudence, Independence Institute

Presented by the Sutherland Institute

Hinckley Forums: What is the Economy Good for, Anyway?

Nov 19, 2013

Thursday November 14, 2013

  John de Graaf, author, Affluence and What is the Economy Good for, Anyway?

Hinckley Forums: The Police as Public Servants

Nov 15, 2013

Thursday November 14, 2013

Chris Burbank, Salt Lake City Chief of Police

Hinckley Forums: Africa in Transition - Elections and Election-like Events

Nov 13, 2013

Tuesday November 12, 2013

Ambassador John Campbell, Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Thursday November 7, 2013

Allen Nairn, award-winning American Investigative Journalist

Co-sponsored by Economics, SAC, HESA, Communication, Honors College, Nonviolent Human Rights Advocacy, Latin American Studies

Thursday November 7, 2013

Sam Daley-Harris, president and founder of RESULTS Education Fund; author, Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break Between People and Government

Tuesday October 29, 2013

 David Ottaway, Senior Scholar, Middle East Program, Wilson Center

Hinckley Forums: Political Cartoons

Oct 31, 2013

Tuesday October 29, 2013

Pat Bagley, political cartoonist, Salt Lake Tribune

Hinckley Forums: Current Political Landscape

Oct 28, 2013

Monday October 28, 2013

Senator Robert F. Bennett (R-UT, 1993-2011)

Co-Sponsored by the College Republicans and the Representative Rob Bishop Civic Engagement Fund

Hinckley Forums: A Reporter's Perspective of the Utah State Legislature

Oct 25, 2013

Tuesday October 22, 2013

Paul Rolly, Columnist, Salt Lake Tribune

Thursday October 10, 2013

  Sim Gill, Salt Lake County District Attorney

Hinckley Forums: Syria and U.S. Foreign Polich

Oct 9, 2013

Tuesday October 8, 2013

A Line in the Sand: Syria and U.S. Foreign Policy

Professor Tabitha Benney, Political Science Department

Professor Brent Steele, Political Science Department and Wormouth Presidential Chair

Professor Deen Chatterjee, S.J. Quinney College of Law

Co-sponsored by the Department of Political Science

Thursday October 3, 2013

Ambassador Gordon Gray, former U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia

Co-sponsored by the Sam Rich Program in International Politics

Hinckley Forums: Who is Watching the NSA While it is Watching You?

Sep 27, 2013

Thursday September 26, 2013

U.S. Federal District Court Judge Dee Benson, U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA)

Co-sponsored by the J. Willard Marriott Library and the Representative Rob Bishop Civic Engagement Fund for Constitution Day

Thursday September 19, 2013

Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck (D)

Sen. Luz Robles (D)

Rep. Ronda Menlove (R)

Sen. Deidre Henderson (R)

Anne Burkholder (Moderator) Executive Director of Salt Lake YWCA

Tuesday September 17, 2013

Bob Inglis, Executive Director, Energy and Enterprise Initiative, George Mason University; Member of U.S. House of Representatives (R-SC 1993-1998; 2005-2010)

Co-sponsored by teh Stegner Center

Hinckley Forums: Campaign Finance After Citizens United

Sep 16, 2013

Monday September 16, 2013

Matthew Sanderson, attorney for "The Colbert Report" in the Political Law Practice group of Caplin & Drysdale

Thursday September 12, 2013

Steven Badger, Attorney, Zelle Hofmann Voelbel & Mason; Dallas, Texas