Utah Lake

Environment & Public Lands
1:37 pm
Tue January 21, 2014

State Funding For Catching Carp in Utah Lake?

A commercial fishing crew pulls carp from an ice-covered Utah Lake
Tammy K. Nakamura Utah Department of Natural Resources

  The Utah Lake Commission is asking the legislature for 7-point-5 million dollars to help reduce the number of carp in Utah Lake.  A legislator from Lehi thinks that’s a great idea, and he’s hoping they can find the money during the general session that starts next week.

The Commission has been paying a commercial fishing business to take tons of carp out of the lake, hoping to reverse the environmental damage the fish have caused over the past century.

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Environment & Public Lands
3:59 pm
Tue January 7, 2014

Utah Lake Commission Hopes to Speed Up Carp Removal

Fisherman Bill Loy and his crew removing carp from Utah Lake
Utah Lake Commission

The Utah Lake Commission thinks it can finish the job of reducing the carp in the lake if it can get some help from the Utah legislature. 

  For years, the Utah Lake Commission has been paying a commercial fisherman to remove thousands of tons of carp from Utah Lake.  But it’s asking for $7.5 million from the state to help reach its goal of reducing the carp population by 75%.

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