Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County delays their vote on a proposed tax increase, a Utah family sues the Millard County sheriff over the shooting death of their son, and the Utah Air Quality Board scraps their plan to meet federal standards.

Public Lambasts County Property Tax Increase

Dec 11, 2012

Salt Lake County officials have been meeting over the past few weeks to try and mitigate a proposed property tax increase included in the county’s 2013 budget. But dozens of Salt Lake County residents made it clear last night during a public hearing on the subject, that they don’t think they’re looking hard enough.“You guys are broke," Salt Lake County resident 

Wells Wagner told members of the county council on Tuesday.

"It would have been nice to hear that before this past election.”

Brian Grimmett

With 67 votes in the second round of voting, Utah’s Democratic Party Chairman, Jim Dabakis, narrowly beat outgoing Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon in the special election for Utah’s 2nd Senate district. Dabakis will replace Senator Ben McAdams who is leaving with two years left in his term after winning the election for Salt Lake County Mayor.

Wasatch Canyons Transportation Study Complete

Nov 21, 2012

For those who enjoy spending time in the Wasatch Canyons, traffic and parking can make trips difficult.   Salt Lake County officials are considering some changes that could alleviate problems in the future. The recommendations are the result of a year-long series of canyon transportation studies which are now complete.

Corroon Eyes State Senate Seat

Nov 15, 2012

Outgoing Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon has officially declared his candidacy for Utah State Senate. Corroon is eyeing Utah’s 2nd senate district, left vacant by Salt Lake County Mayor elect Democrat Ben McAdams. 

Elected Officials Deliberate 2013 County Budget

Nov 13, 2012

Elected officials responsible for a handful of Salt Lake County departments presented their budget needs to the county council this morning. Most of those executives, including the Salt Lake County Sheriff, District Attorney and Auditor say they’ll be hard-pressed to perform their required duties without an increase in tax revenue.

Corroon Proposes Tax Hike in 2013 Budget

Nov 8, 2012
Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon has proposed a $31 million property tax hike to balance the county budget. He unveiled his 2013 plan today, two months before retiring from his position. Corroon will pass the torch to newly elected Democrat Ben McAdams in January.

David Wilde is Chairman of the Salt Lake County Council. The Republican says he’s not thrilled about a tax increase, but it’s one of only two options the county has for keeping up with inflation, which has outpaced revenue.

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon endorsed the Regional Park and Trails bond today during an open house at the Northwest Recreation center. If approved, The Regional Park and Trails bond, or Proposition #1, authorizes the county to issue a $47 million dollar bond. The money would be used to help finish the Jordan River Parkway Trail, Parley’s Trail, and build three new regional parks. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon says the benefits of approving the proposition far outweigh the property tax increase.

Sheriff, Police Union Endorse Ben McAdams

Oct 25, 2012

The Greater Salt Lake Unified Police Federation and Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder announced this morning they’re endorsing Democrat Ben McAdams for Salt Lake County Mayor.  The support comes a week after Winder denounced McAdams’ opponent, Republican Mark Crockett’s jail services proposal.  

Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder says the county does not need an autocratic leader, but rather a diplomatic one.

Some residents in Millcreek township say they lack a voice in many policy decisions and pay Salt Lake County too much for police and fire services. But others say the county is doing a good job of keeping taxes low and providing adequate representation. In the last two decades residents of Cottonwood Heights and Holladay decided to incororate. Now voters in Millcreek will decide if their community should do the same.