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7/07/2011: Cutting for Stone

7/5/2011: Finding the Audience for Women's Sports

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Women's World Cup of soccer is in full swing in Germany and the cable sports network ESPN is pulling out all the stops to cover it. All 32 games are being broadcast live and in high definition. But is anybody watching? Tuesday, guest host Matthew LaPlante looks at the business of women's sports. What will it take to get people to pay attention in the stadium and on the TV dial?

7/06/2011: The Fever

7/01/2011: Eugenics in America

Salt Lake City, Utah – The idea of creating a "master race" through selective breeding seems morally reprehensible today, but eugenics laws remained on the books of 30 states until just a few years ago. North Carolina is now the first to compensate victims of forced sterilization. On Friday, we discuss the American eugenics movement and the lessons for modern genetic science.

Photo by Hector Udall

When author Brady Udall was asked to write something from his religious background, polygamy seemed to be a natural. Udall was raised Mormon and while polygamy was part of his family history, it's something no one talked about. He says that made him all the more curious. "The Lonely Polygamist" is Brady Udall's third book. It's about a man with 4 wives, 28 children and a mid-life crisis. Udall joins Doug to talk about why this family is quintessentially American. (Rebroadcast)