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Jeremy Johnson

Whittney Evans

A judge has sentenced internet entrepreneur Jeremy Johnson to 11 years in federal prison.  A Jury convicted Johnson in March of providing false information to a bank in connection with his online marketing company in St. George.

Salt Lake Tribune/Pool

Prosecutors are accusing John Swallow of yet another crime in the corruption case against Utah’s former attorney general. 

In the amended filing made Wednesday in Third District Court, prosecutors with the Salt Lake County Attorney’s office added money laundering to the list of alleged crimes committed by John Swallow. The charges now total 14.

Brian Grimmett

A recently unsealed request for a search warrant in the investigation of former Attorney General John Swallow reveals that he might have helped Senator Mike Lee launder campaign donations.

The Salt Lake Tribune (pool photo)

The chorus of voices demanding an investigation of Utah's attorney general is growing.  The Alliance for a Better Utah is asking the Utah State Bar to look into accusations that Attorney General John Swallow helped to arrange a lobbying effort aimed at sidetracking a federal investigation of Internet entrepreneur Jeremy Johnson.

Alliance Director Maryann Martindale says, if what Johnson has been saying is true, Swallow could have violated ethical standards.