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Erik Neumann

Today, the medical marijuana advocacy group Utah Patients Coalition kicked off their signature gathering campaign with hopes of getting an initiative on the 2018 ballot.


University of Utah Health Plans announced this week they’ll expand marketplace insurance under the Affordable Care Act in 2018. They’ll go from covering about half the counties in Utah to the whole state.

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Clark Planetarium and the John Am Moran Eye Center want Utahns to toss out potentially faulty eclipse viewers.


Utah Department of Health officials announced this week they’re opening enrollment for a state health insurance program called the Primary Care Network to adults without children. It’s the first time that specific coverage has been available since late 2015.

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On Thursday President Trump described the opioid epidemic as an emergency and alluded to putting more resources towards the national health crisis. 

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September 30th marks the end of the federal government’s fiscal year. Local healthcare advocates are concerned because it’s the time when federal funding for two health programs in Utah is set to expire.

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A court case is playing out between the Drug Enforcement Agency and the state of Utah. At issue is whether the DEA should have greater access to private prescription drug information.


Last week Molina Healthcare announced it would no longer offer health insurance plans to Utah residents on the federal exchange in 2018. 

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This week advocates for the Utah Medical Cannabis Act held public meetings around the state for input about a medical marijuana law in Utah. They hope to gather enough signatures to put an initiative on the ballot in November.

West Nile Virus Season Begins In Utah

Jul 25, 2017

It’s the beginning of West Nile Virus season in Utah. So far officials at the Utah Department of Health have not discovered anyone who has contracted the disease. But state officials have identified eight pools of water around the state that have tested positive for West Nile. 

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A psychologist at University of Utah is examining whether growing up in stressful environments could be positive for kids.


Utah Senator Mike Lee was one of two Republican defectors to sink a GOP plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Today other Republican senators signaled they would not support a different effort to simply repeal the law.  

Utah Sen. Lee Talks Healthcare In Tele-town hall

Jul 12, 2017

On Wednesday night Utah Senator Mike Lee answered questions about healthcare by video from Washington D.C.

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One of Salt Lake Valley’s Community Health Centers is losing its building this year. Staff say it’s because of increasing gentrification and real-estate pressures in Salt Lake City.


On Monday members of the public criticized parts of the Utah Department of Health’s plan to narrowly expand Medicaid in the state. 

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On Thursday Utah Senator Orrin Hatch toured the Utah Crime Lab to advocate for new forensic research tools that quickly process DNA evidence.

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Utahns who are concerned about the U.S. Senate Republican health bill gathered at Senator Mike Lee's office in Salt Lake City Wednesday. They were hoping to meet with him in person as Congress takes a Fourth of July break.

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Until recently, Utah Senator Mike Lee didn’t support the Republican Senate bill written to replace Obamacare. But this week he announced a new change that could sway his vote.

Working with Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Lee is adding language called the “Consumer Choice” proposal.  

Conn Carroll, Lee’s Communications Director, says the language is meant to reduce the number of regulations that insurance companies have to include in their plans.

Health And Safety Tips For The Fourth Of July

Jun 30, 2017
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With the Brian Head fire burning in Southwest Utah, authorities are concerned about the dangers fireworks could pose over the Fourth of July. But fire safety isn’t the only concern to keep in mind.

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As Republicans in Congress craft legislation that could replace the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid is a program many lawmakers are eager to shrink.  But low-income Utah families depend on the Medicaid program as a safety net for their kids. 

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U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price visited Sandy today to listen to Utahns reactions to the current state of healthcare.

Utah Senators Split On Republican Health Bill

Jun 22, 2017
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On Thursday the U.S. Senate released its replacement bill for Obamacare. It was met with mixed responses, including from Utah’s Senators who helped write it.

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On Wednesday a Utah State Representative announced his plans for a bill to increase access to birth control methods for low-income Utahns.

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It’s the big theme in this week’s weather forecast, as temperatures soar 10 to 15 degrees higher than normal. The National Weather Service has teamed up with local agencies to prepare the public with a new “heat risk” warning program.

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Insurance companies are concerned congress may not fund an important federal subsidy approved under Obamacare for the coming year. That could mean higher healthcare costs for Utahns. 

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On Monday attorneys announced a settlement in a class action lawsuit between the Disability Law Center and the Utah Department of Human Services. The plaintiffs wanted to decrease the number of mentally ill people who are stuck in jail awaiting trial.

Two New Reports Rank Well-Being Of Utah Kids

Jun 13, 2017
Erik Neumann

Two new reports out yesterday show that Utah ranks seventh in the nation for child well-being. But that number alone doesn’t tell the full story. 

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For women who have had breast cancer, a common fear is whether getting pregnant could cause their cancer to come back. A new study out this week offers hopeful news about breast cancer and pregnancy.

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Representatives from the University of Utah announced a new research center this week. It will focus on the academic study of mindfulness as a way to deal with a number of health issues including pain management. 

This week the Congressional Budget Office released its analysis of the Republican health care bill known as American Health Care Act. KUER looked into what the CBO score could mean for Utahns.