Great Salt Lake railroad causeway

Environment & Public Lands
5:39 pm
Mon December 23, 2013

Causeway Could Be the Key to Controlling the Great Salt Lake

The Utah Division of Water Quality's chart showing key points along the Union Pacific Railroad causeway
ESRI Map Service / Utah Division of Water Quality

  The railroad causeway across the Great Salt Lake was built in 1959, and since then it’s permanently altered the lake’s natural water flow.  Making changes to it could have unanticipated consequences for the lake environment.  But Union Pacific Railroad officials say they have to do something now or it won’t be safe to run trains across the lake.

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Environment & Public Lands
1:50 pm
Mon December 9, 2013

Railroad Repairs Will Cut Water Flow in the Great Salt Lake

Separated by the Union Pacific railroad causeway, the north and south arms of the Great Salt Lake differ in salinity and biology.
NASA - International Space Station

  The Union Pacific Railroad is planning to start repair work on its causeway across the Great Salt Lake.  But it means closing off the culverts that allow water to pass between the north and south arms of the lake. 

The causeway was built in the 1950’s, cutting off much of the natural flow between the two arms of the lake.  As a result, the north arm is much saltier and about a foot lower in elevation than the south arm.

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