Environment & Public Lands
8:00 am
Wed April 2, 2014

Clean Cars Help Utahns Cut Smog Now

Cars and trucks account for more than half of the pollution on the Wasatch Front. New regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will have the same impact as taking 4 of every 5 of today's vehicles off the road. State leaders and clean-air advocates say it will be a powerful tool to clean up the air year-round, in Utah and throughout the country.
Credit Utah Department of Transportation

New clean fuel, clean car standards promise to be the single best way to clean up Utah’s air. State leaders say they want to accelerate these so-called Tier 3 rules in Utah. Yet, car buyers are already taking matters into their own hands, at the steering wheel.

Another air-scrubbing storm has just passed through Salt Lake City. But Tom Hemmersmeier is still thinking about clean cars.

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