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Fort Douglas

War Dead Honored at Fort Douglas

May 26, 2014
Dan Bammes

  Services honoring America’s war dead were held in dozens of cities around Utah today. About a hundred people gathered at the Fort Douglas Cemetery in Salt Lake City.

Soldiers from the Utah National Guard led the service at Fort Douglas.  Brigadier General Dallen Atack recognized the sacrifice of veterans from the Civil War through the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan who are buried there, as well as the service of a returning Utah Guard unit he plans to greet at Fort Dix, New Jersey in just a few days.

Shoshone Mark 150 Years Since Bear River Massacre

Jan 31, 2013
Alicia Geesman

  The story of the Bear River Massacre isn’t well known outside Utah and Idaho.  For many years, the complete story was only told by the descendants of the few who survived the attack on a Shoshone camp in 1863.  Members of the Northwest Band of the Shoshone Nation gathered at the site January 29th to mark the 150th anniversary.

A drum circle and a color guard opened the ceremony near the spot where the U-S Army attacked a Shoshone encampment next to the Bear River in 1863.