Education officials in Utah plan to study whether or not cursive writing instruction is relevant in public schools today. On Friday, the state school board approved the formation of a committee of teachers and administrators in the state which will examine the issue over the next year.

Westminster College has introduced the only degree program in Utah for educators who wish to use the Montessori learning approach in their classrooms.  The Institute for Montessori Innovation opened its doors last month.

The Utah State Board of Regents has just approved a new Center for Mining Safety and Health Excellence at the University of Utah. The formation of the center goes back to 2008 after the fatal Crandall Canyon accident in eastern Utah. Six miners and three rescue workers were killed in the 2007 disaster. Within a year, the Utah Mine Safety Commission under former Governor John Huntsman Jr. recommended creating an endowed chair in mine safety. Associate professor Tom Hethmon is the director of the new center at the U and is the founding chair.

While thousands celebrated their heritage today by commemorating the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847, other’s gathered to celebrate a culture that existed in Utah long before the Mormon settlers.  

Officials from the Wasatch School District decided to uphold a 2013 budget plan Thursday night despite a call from a group to cut it by $5 million dollars.

Education experts across the country are meeting with education officials in Utah this week to discuss strategies for improving schools within the framework of what is called the common core curriculum.

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The Democratic candidate for governor of Utah is promising to increase the share of Utah's state revenue spent on public schools, even if he has to change the state constitution to do it.

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Twenty three female inmates in the Timpanogos Correctional Facility were honored for completing substance abuse treatment Tuesday with a graduation ceremony.

The Excell program provides a way for female offenders with a history of substance abuse to better prepare themselves upon release from the Utah Department of Corrections. Greg Hendrix is the program’s director. He says the graduation days are some of the most rewarding to him and his employees.

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Utah Lawmakers were able to find the funds necessary to fill a $25 million gap in Utah’s education budget that officials failed to catch during the 2012 legislative session. The House and Senate voted unanimously, during a special session of the legislature Wednesday to approve adjustments to next year’s budget.

Chad Griffin is brand new on the job as president of the nation’s largest LGBT civil rights organization.  And his very first stop is Utah.  Griffin says there’s a reason for that.

“It’s a state that does represent some fairly depressing numbers as it relates to how LGBT people are treated, but it’s also a state that represents some real hope,” said Griffin.