education funding

7:43 pm
Wed February 5, 2014

Both Parties Pledge Bipartisanship on Education Bills

Rep. Joel Briscoe, D-Salt Lake City, describes his party's education bills at a Wednesday news conference.
Credit Judy Fahys

Legislators have proposed around 80 education bills in the Legislative session so far. Democrats and Republicans say they will work together to improve Utah’s classrooms.

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2:00 pm
Tue February 4, 2014

Bill Gives Teachers More Time for Professional Development

Proposed legislation could give Utah teachers more days to train and prepare at no additional cost to taxpayers –but it would mean fewer days in the classroom with students. Members of the Senate Education Committee voted unanimously on Tuesday to advance the bill.  

Senate Bill 103, sponsored by Republican Senator Aaron Osmond would give local school districts the flexibility to swap regular instruction days for teacher professional development days.

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9:12 pm
Wed October 9, 2013

Herbert Addresses Public Schools at Education Summit

Utah Governor Gary Herbert joined statewide education officials Wednesday for a discussion about the state of public education.

Governor Gary Herbert says in the last two years, the state has made strides in funding public education. However he says because of a growing student population Utah continues to claim the title for lowest per-pupil spending and has the largest class sizes in the nation. In addition the high school dropout rate is 19 percent.

Despite few resources, Herbert says there is work to be done. 

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6:51 pm
Thu March 28, 2013

Tax Increases to Fund Education and Transportation Discussed at Utah Foundation Meeting

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams addresses luncheon. Pictured continuing left to right is Stephen Kroes, Mark Bouchard, Aaron Osmond, Michael Allegra and Natalie Gochnour
Bob Nelson

The Utah Foundation’s annual meeting Thursday deals with two traditionally conflicting issues facing Utahns, education and transportation. The foundation organizes the Utah Priorities Project along with the Hinckley Institute of Politics at the University of Utah. Stephen Kroes , the president of the Utah Foundation says conflicts between education and transportation going forward need to end.

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4:26 pm
Tue January 29, 2013

Utah Democrats Call for Increased Education Funding

Josie Valdez, the Vice-Chair of the Utah Democratic Party, calls on lawmakers that the Capitol to increase education funding.
Credit Terry Gildea

On the second day of the 2013 Legislative Session, Utah Democrats called for a dramatic increase in state education funding, but where that money would come from remains uncertain.  

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4:07 pm
Mon January 28, 2013

New Utah Senate President Calls For Fiscal Responsibility

Spectators watch as the Utah Senate begins the 60th Utah Legislative session
Brian Grimmett

Newly elected Utah Senate President Wayne Neiderhauser opened the 2013 Legislative session by urging senators to be fiscally responsible.

In his opening remarks Senate President Wayne Neiderhauser warned his fellow senators to be careful not to believe they can create money out of thin air as they go about tackling some of Utah’s tough budget issues. He says he hopes to see legislators pass laws that work in the long term, especially when it comes to education funding.

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4:42 pm
Fri December 28, 2012

Utah Schools Will Feel Impact of "Fiscal Cliff"

Utah schools have millions of dollars in federal funding at stake if congress fails to avert the so-called “fiscal cliff” by early next week. The “fiscal cliff” is a combination of automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that will go into effect at the first of the year if federal lawmakers and the president cannot come to an agreement on next year’s budget. But most schools in Utah would have some time to prepare for big cuts.

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4:13 pm
Mon November 19, 2012

Schools to Charge More for Excess Credit Hours

Utah College students who might be dragging their feet in completing their degrees have a new incentive from Utah’s Higher Education officials to hunker down and graduate sooner: higher fees. The Utah State Board of Regents on Friday tightened the state’s policy on excess credit hours.

College students in Utah’s public education system already pay some additional tuition and fees if they accumulate credit hours beyond a certain threshold. But the board of regents decided on Friday to reduce that threshold and allow schools to charge students double tuition if they exceed it.

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9:14 am
Fri October 12, 2012

Utah Priorities Project: Public Education

Outgoing Utah Superintendent of Public Instruction Larry Shumway delivers his State of Education address
Utah State Office of Education

Utah spends less per student in its public schools than any other state.  Not just a little less – 15% less than Idaho, the next on the list.  Utah’s been at the bottom since 1988.

There are several reasons for that last-place ranking, but the most important is the high ratio of children to adults in Utah – 20-percent more kids as a proportion of the population than most other states.

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