Earth Day

Local Government
4:15 pm
Mon April 21, 2014

Eighth Graders Eager to Talk Climate Change with SLC Mayor

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker speaks to 8th graders about climate change.
Whittney Evans

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker visited a group of 8th graders at Hillside Middle School Monday to answer questions about climate change in advance of the 44th annual Earth Day.

Students at Hillside Middle School spoke at length about climate issues like melting ice caps; migratory bird habitats and droughts. Becker was a senior in high school the year Earth Day became a national holiday. It was a time he says he knew very little about his own impact on the environment.  

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Environment & Public Lands
4:00 pm
Tue April 8, 2014

Earth Day Campaign Kicks Off New DEQ Blog

Credit Utah Department of Environmental Quality


Utah’s Department of Environmental Quality is launching a blog this week. It’s first posts focus on what they call the 12 days of Earth Day, leading into April 22. Amanda Smith is director of DEQ, and she’s kicking off the campaign.

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Environment & Public Lands
2:20 pm
Mon April 22, 2013

Earth Day Demonstration at Governor's Mansion

A demonstrator ties his Earth Day message to a volleyball net in front of the governor's mansion in Salt Lake City.
Dan Bammes

  Utah Governor Gary Herbert is out of the country right now on a trade mission in Israel.  But that didn’t stop environmentalists from holding an Earth Day rally right in front of the Governor’s Mansion on South Temple.

As traffic whizzed by on one of Salt Lake City’s busiest streets, demonstrators wrote their messages of protest on blue ribbons.  They had to tie them to a volleyball net because they weren’t allowed to put them on the governor’s wrought-iron fence.

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