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Utah Lawmakers to Consider an 86% Tax on E-Cigarettes

Feb 12, 2016

A Utah lawmaker wants to tax e-cigarettes, and use the money for rural healthcare.

Taylor Hayes

The Salt Lake County Health Department released a study on Thursday showing that a majority of liquids sold locally for use in e-cigarettes have significantly different levels of nicotine than their labels claim. 

Lauri Rantala via Wikimedia Commons

More people are using electronic cigarettes in Utah, but the rate of traditional cigarette smoking has remained unchanged.

Here at Salt Lake Vapors, Adam Christensen talks to e-cigarette users every day. Christensen says he stopped smoking two years ago with the help of these devices, which heat up liquid nicotine into vapor to be inhaled. 

Gutted E-Cigarette Bill Passes House

Feb 28, 2014
Flickr: Lindsay Fox

The Utah House unanimously passed a bill Friday that would put harsher penalties on stores that sell electronic cigarettes to minors, but not before passing a substitute bill that drastically changed the sponsor’s original intent.