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6:42 am
Fri March 14, 2014

The Draw at Sugarhouse Project Has Light at the End of the Tunnel

L-R: Juan Arce-Larreta of Parley's Rails, Trails and Tunnels, Project Manager Walt Gilmore of SLCO Parks and Recreation, and Artist Patricia Johanson standing at the west end of "The Draw" facing Hidden Hollow.
Credit Bob Nelson

The thousands of commuters through Sugarhouse everyday may only be aware of the project called  'The Draw at Sugarhouse " due to traffic slowdowns on 1300 East. But on June 6th the traffic will once again flow freely when the tunnel between Sugarhouse Park and Hidden Hollow west of 13th is scheduled to officially open. New York artist and engineer Patricia Johanson dropped in to check on the progress Thursday. She won the design competition for the project 11 years ago.

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