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Local Government
2:19 pm
Thu November 6, 2014

Salt Lake County's Office of Township Services Hosts Open House to Discuss 2015 Budget

Salt Lake County Mayor McAdams presents a previous budget proposal to the Salt Lake County Council.
Credit Tim Slover

Before Mayor McAdams presents his proposed budget, residents of Salt Lake County’s six townships will get the chance to voice their concerns and speak with officials about specific projects. Patrick Leary is the Executive Director for Salt Lake County’s Office of Township Services. He says it’s important to him that

people know how the budget is being distributed.  

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Local Government
4:04 pm
Tue October 28, 2014

Mayor McAdams Says Salt Lake County Will Practice "Moneyball for Government" in 2015

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams presents his 2015 budget proposal to the County Council.
Credit Tim Slover

In baseball, “moneyball” is the practice of using statistical data to predict the overall success of a team. “Moneyball for Government,” an association of local governments across the country, uses the same idea—hard, measurable numbers—to prioritize funding projects.  To that end, Mayor Ben McAdams wants to create a way for citizens and local officials to keep up with county projects. 

“One of our first Moneyball goals is to implement—in partnership with the Council—a ‘Dashboard’ to display real time information on the work that we do,” says McAdams.

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KUER Local News
4:30 pm
Thu November 8, 2012

Corroon Proposes Tax Hike in 2013 Budget

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon has proposed a $31 million property tax hike to balance the county budget. He unveiled his 2013 plan today, two months before retiring from his position. Corroon will pass the torch to newly elected Democrat Ben McAdams in January.

David Wilde is Chairman of the Salt Lake County Council. The Republican says he’s not thrilled about a tax increase, but it’s one of only two options the county has for keeping up with inflation, which has outpaced revenue.

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