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Park City Mountain Resort

A Third District Court ruling has cleared the way for two Park City ski resorts to head to trial over a disputed land lease. Their ruling, released on Tuesday, says that Park City Mountain Resort did in fact fail to renew their lease of the land owned by Talisker Corporation before it expired on April 20, 2011. While the court also dismissed several of the other actions Park City Mountain Resort brought against Talisker, it left the door open for the case to be taken to trial. Alan Sullivan, the lawyer representing Park City Mountain Resort, says that’s just what his client plans to do.

AG, Utah Businesses Talk Federal Immigration Reform

Nov 9, 2012

On the second anniversary of the state’s creation of the Utah Compact an agreement between local businesses and organizations that envisions a compassionate and economically positive solution to immigration reform, retiring Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff joined Utah business leaders this morning at the Salt Lake Chamber for a roundtable discussion on how Utah’s congressional delegation can push real immigration reform  on the federal level using the same principles espoused in the Utah’s compact.

Major construction on the Utah Transit Authority TRAX Line to the Salt Lake International Airport is wrapping up this week with testing scheduled to begin as early as next week. UTA officials announced today the light rail system will be officially open on April 14, 2013. Utah Transit Authority spokesman, Gerry Carpenter, says with commuter rail to Provo opening in December, all metro areas will soon be connected.

Summit Helps Utah Businesses Expand Their Global Reach

Oct 23, 2012
Andrea Smardon

Utah businesses interested in expanding their global sales got some help Monday at an International Trade Summit at the Marriott in downtown Salt Lake City.  The conference  - hosted by the Governors Office of Economic Development - gave local business people a chance to meet the state’s Foreign Trade Representatives.  Ariel Briggs is Coordinator for the State Trade and Export Promotion Program.  

A new national survey reveals the most important issues to small business owners in this year’s election.  Utah is in line with national trends - rating the economy as the most important issue.  But the Beehive state parts ways with the rest of the country on which Presidential candidate is a better supporter of small businesses. 

George Washington University and surveyed more than 6000 small businesses across the country. 

Dan Bammes

The Utah legislature will be looking at changes to the state's building code to make homes and businesses much more energy efficient.  Garbett Homes’ Terra Sol development in South Salt Lake meets and even exceeds the new 2012 building code standard.  The recommendation from the state’s Uniform Building Code Commission requires making homes much more airtight.  Energy inspector Steven Thon showed reporters how it’s done with foam sealing the top of exterior walls.

Brian Grimmett

The City of South Salt Lake will be able to preserve the former Granite High School campus. A new public-private partnership will turn the building into a film and television production studio.

Study Released on Intergenerational Poverty

Sep 28, 2012

Utah is taking steps to help families break the cycle of poverty and dependence on public assistance. The Department of Workforce Services released a report Friday on poverty around the state. It’s the first in a series of annual reports mandated by the Utah Intergenerational Poverty Mitigation Act, passed this year in the legislature.

State Street Renovation Nears Completion

Sep 27, 2012

Officials from the Utah Department of Transportation and two Utah cities gathered to mark progress on a renovation of State Street in South Salt Lake County.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Reinstated in Utah

Sep 24, 2012

The Utah Department of Workforce Services announced Monday that some Utahn’s will again have access to additional unemployment insurance.

Utah liquor laws are effective at curbing underage drinking and overconsumption. That’s what researchers told policy makers Thursday at the 2012 Utah Legislative Alcohol Policy Summit in Provo. 

Salt Lake City’s Downtown Alliance is trying to calm public concern that The Gateway shopping center will close down now that City Creek Center is open.

Andrea Smardon

A federal rule change went into effect this month allowing immigrants who arrived in the US as children to stay in the country and work legally for two years.   Immigrant advocacy groups are holding workshops all over the state to help people through the application process.

Utah based company Xactware Solutions broke ground today on their new two-hundred and ten thousand square foot facility.

Union Labor Leader Dies in Motorcycle Accident

Aug 17, 2012
Jim Judd

Jim Judd was a firefighter who worked his way up through his union to become the head of the state's largest labor organization, the Utah AFL-CIO.  He died Friday morning from the injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident in Missoula, Montana.

He was also vice-chairman of the Utah Democratic Party.  State Senator Karen Mayne says he was someone legislators from both parties could trust.

"He had good skills of figuring things out and networking, and negotiating and making everyone feel part of the movement and part of whatever committee he was on," Mayne told KUER.

Utah Exports Are On The Rise

Aug 14, 2012

Recently released data from the International Trade Administration shows that the state of Utah has significantly increased their amount of merchandise exports from last year.

Halfway through 2012, the amount of exports coming from Utah has increased by 14 percent. Six months into this year Utah has exported $9.7 billion worth of goods, compared to the $8.5 billion that was done in 2011. Lew Cramer is the CEO of the World Trade Center Utah. 

Computer Maker Xi3 Promises 500 Jobs

Aug 12, 2012

The maker of a small, energy efficient computer is promising to hire 500 people in Utah over the next 5 years in exchange for $2 million worth of state tax rebate incentives.  Xi3 (X-I-3) Corporation has offices around the world, but is headquartered in Salt Lake City… and Utah’s government leaders want to keep it that way.  

David Politis is Chief Marketing officer for Xi3 corporation.  His office is on the 12th floor of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Salt Lake City, and the view is expansive.  Politis looks down at the birds. 

The American Legislative Exchange Council, also known as ALEC announced today that Utah is once again ranked first in the nation for economic outlook. The classification is part of ALEC’s annual Rich States, Poor States economic competitive index.

The ranking is based on the tax, regulatory, and labor policies of individual states. Jonathan Williams is director of the tax and fiscal policy department at ALEC. He says lawmakers in states that are struggling economically should pay attention to the way the legislature operates in Utah.

Union Pacific Marks 150th Anniversary

Jul 25, 2012

Union Pacific marked its 150th Anniversary Tuesday as part of Utah’s Pioneer Day Celebrations. The railroad company also recognized Salt Lake City with a “Train Town USA” award.

Goldman Sachs is investing millions of dollars in Utah small businesses with the expectation of creating jobs and stimulating growth in the economy. Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced a partnership today between the global investment firm, the state and Salt Lake Community College. It’s designed to provide small business owners with the education, support and the capital they need to succeed.

Gail McGovern with Steven Peterson
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The President and CEO of Red Cross was in Utah this week touting a new partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and giving insight into how to  run a successful non-profit with for-profit tactics.

Gail McGovern helped pull the Red Cross out of a $209 million deficit after taking the job in 2008.She recalls when the earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, she received a $1 million donation from the chief marketing officer at a fortune 500 company and a letter from a 7 year old boy with a crumpled dollar bill.

Utah Legislature Approves 90 New Liquor Licenses

Jun 21, 2012
Andrea Smardon

State lawmakers have given the green light to 90 new liquor licenses for restaurants in Utah.  It was one of the issues decided in a special session Wednesday called by Governor Gary Herbert. 

President of the Utah Restaurant Association Melva Sine says these new licenses will be snapped up fast, and were needed for the industry to continue to grow in Utah.

“We have a critical issue here, and they’ve addressed it in the best way possible in the shortest amount of time possible, so we’re happy with that,” said Sine.

State Revenue Projections Mostly on Target for 2012

Jun 20, 2012
Andrea Smardon

Overall, the state’s fiscal analysts say revenue is right about where lawmakers expected it to be.  But Senator Lyle Hillyard – who chairs the Executive Appropriations Committee  - says the state won’t really know how much revenue is available to spend until August when all budget holes are filled.

Policy Change Keeps Dream Alive for Young Immigrants

Jun 15, 2012
Andrea Smardon

Utah immigrants responded with tears today after the announcement from President Barack Obama that undocumented youth would not be deported and would be given work authorizations. 

Brian Gutierrez works with the Salt Lake Dream team for the passage of the DREAM Act - proposed federal legislation that would create a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who arrived as children. While Obama’s executive order does not provide citizenship, Gutierrez says it’s a victory for immigrants.

Salt Lake City, UT – New research from two University of Utah marketing professors shows there may be a correlation between what you eat and what you buy. Husband-and-wife researchers Arul Mishra and Himanshu Mishra wanted to find out if diet affects impulse shopping. As Arul Mishra tells KUER's Jennifer Napier-Pearce, it made perfect sense to conduct a survey about Black Friday retail deals right after Thanksgiving dinner.

Alta, UT – It was billed as a civil debate on public land use in Utah and the gathering at the annual Land and Water Symposium kept to format.

Maybe it was the crisp mountain air, maybe the idyllic setting in the Albion Basin above Alta Ski Resort. Whatever the reason, two of the most passionate opposing voices in Utah's public lands debate remained polite and agreed to disagree during the Land and Water Symposium, an annual gathering for politicians and policy wonks.