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Interactive OHV Maps From Utah State Parks

Nov 25, 2014
Utah Department of Natural Resources

  The Utah Division of Parks and Recreation has put a new set of interactive maps online that make it easier to find trails for off-road vehicles across the state.

The maps are on the state parks website at The collection includes trails from Grouse Creek in Box Elder County to Hog Canyon near Kanab. Users can click on an icon and zoom in from a statewide view to a scale of objects just a few feet across.

Judy Fahys / KUER News

Federal investigators are continuing their probe into a protest ride Saturday through Recapture Canyon. And that includes sizing up the impact that the all-terrain vehicles might have had on the canyon's archaeological sites.

Some people regard Recapture Canyon as a mini-Mesa Verde National Park. Both contain prehistoric ruins, religious kivas and ancient burial grounds that make them world famous. But over the weekend more than 60 protestors drove ATVs into those sensitive areas.