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Zions Bank Consumer Attitude Index is Tale of Two Stories: Utah versus Fed Economy

Feb 26, 2013

Levelninesports Chief Operating Officer Mitch Lamb with The Cicero Group's Randy Shumway.
Credit Bob Nelson

The latest Zions Bank Consumer Attitude Index numbers revealed today highlight the difference between Utah’s economy and the rest of the country. The Cicero Group does the survey for Zions Bank. Cicero’s Randy Shumway says the small increase of 1.1 points in Utahns’ confidence shows the contrasts between the two stories.

“A stable, consistent economic recovery, decreasing unemployment rates, rebound in the housing market, improvements in consumer spending, in contrast to this continued malaise that we’re seeing with the federal government,” says Shumway.

He says the upcoming sequester isn’t having much effect on consumer attitude compared to the fiscal cliff.    

“There was a great deal of media attention and significant anxiety. Going into the sequester most Americans really don’t know what it means and so it’s not really affecting their behavior,” says Shumway.

15,000 square foot retail space of Levelninesports.com. Find everything from GoPro brand to eyewear, bindings, boards, boots and head gear. All of it is the latest or current models at up to 70% off retail prices.
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Zions Bank released the latest figures at Levelninesports.com.

Company COO Mitch Lamb says the Salt lake City-based winter sports gear company has seen sales growth of nearly 800 percent since 2006.

“Which tells us, customers want more for their money. They’re deal-seekers, they’re value hunters and we’ve been the beneficiary of that,” says Lamb.

Level Nine sells late and current model ski and boarding gear at warehouse prices.

Levelnine COO Mitch Lamb explains shipping system in the 70,000 square foot warehouse space. Shelf has orders ready for packing and shipping. The company currently ships orders throughout the US and Canada plus New Zealand and Australia.
Credit Bob Nelson