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Wasatch Canyons Transportation Study Complete

Nov 21, 2012

For those who enjoy spending time in the Wasatch Canyons, traffic and parking can make trips difficult.   Salt Lake County officials are considering some changes that could alleviate problems in the future. The recommendations are the result of a year-long series of canyon transportation studies which are now complete.

Long traffic delays on prime ski days and parked cars blocking traffic are some of the problems the transportation studies sought to address. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon says with a population expected to double in the next 30 years, it’s only going to get worse.

“Whether it’s Millcreek Canyon or big or little cottonwood canyons, it’s time to get something done," Corroon says."This process though is not over. We have to go through a federal environmental process and then we can build some new bus routes, avalanche covers for avalanche areas, light rail potentially, gondolas.”

Kimmy Barnet is the Environmental Policy Coordinator for Mayor Carroon. She says some short term solutions include widening shoulders, adding additional parking and bike lanes and even text message alerts.

"If we can inform people before we get to the mouth of the canyon that for example parking is completely full, you’re going to want to carpool, that’s going to save some frustration, it’s going to save from congestion," Barnett says.

County officials say they expect to fund the projects through a public, private partnership. Corroon says area ski resorts could share some of the costs.