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Utah Governor Wants to Hurry AG Investigation

Apr 17, 2013

  Utah Governor Gary Herbert wants to see federal authorities hurry up with their investigation of Utah’s attorney general.   The governor said this morning that the delay is impacting the Attorney General’s office and the investigation has taken too long.

“My complaint is, my good grief!  U.S. Attorney’s office and those involved in it, come to a decision!" Herbert  told reporters at his monthly news conference at KUED.  "This cloud hanging over it is unacceptable, and I call upon the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office to complete this investigation, let us know where it’s at, so we can go on about our business, whatever that needs to be.”

The U-S Attorney for Utah had no comment on the governor’s statement, saying it doesn’t talk about ongoing investigations.

Attorney General John Swallow was accused of being part of a bribery scheme by a businessman indicted for fraud.  He’s strongly denied any involvement.