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UTA Fares Increase Today

Apr 1, 2013

Utah Transit Authority fare increases took effect today; much to the chagrin of riders. It was the last in a series of increases UTA approved in 2011. 

There are few certainties in life. But one thing is clear; no one likes to see prices go up. Mia Mora uses public transportation a few days a week. She says the 15 cent hike won’t price her out of a commute.

“As long as it doesn’t get any higher than that," she says. "But if they keep raising it….”

Mora says she already struggles to afford a day pass or multiple transfers.

Doyle Ellis makes daily trips to Doctor appointments the bank and to visit friends. He’s a senior citizen on a fixed income, so he buys a reduced fare monthly pass.  

“I just have to move stuff from one place to the other on my budget," Ellis says. "When pennies count, every penny hurts.”

Roger Borgenicht is co-chair of Utahns for Better Transportation. He says the whole system is still evolving and that takes time.

“And it takes money, but I do agree it’s a disincentive to take transit if it gets more and more expensive," he says. "If you can say it’s less expensive to drive my car that’s what most people are going to judge it upon.”

A one way fare rose today from $2.35 to $2.50. A regular monthly pass has risen to $83.75.