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'Together Again' With Wynton Marsalis, 20 Years Later

Dec 29, 2013

It's the kind of story that highlights the collaborative, social nature of jazz; in 1985, Marcus Roberts was a gifted young pianist when he caught the attention of legendary trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, who brought Roberts into his own band.  Roberts went on to compose, record, teach and perform both jazz and classical music, and subsequently built his own career largely separate from Marsalis.  It took almost twenty years, but Roberts and Marsalis have reunited, recording a pair of albums: Together Again in the Studio, and Together Again Live in Concert.  Head over to NPR Music to learn more about the pair's efforts, and to hear some of the music they've created together.

Pianist Marcus Roberts, who is blind, hadn't worked with Wynton Marsalis for two decades before his latest slate of recordings.
Credit John Douglas/Courtesy of the artist