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Thursday, October 27: Utah's Greek Community

Salt Lake City, UT – Utah's Greek Community is celebrating the centennial of the Greek Orthodox Church of Greater Salt Lake City. Doug Fabrizio is joined by Manoli Sargetakis, historian Constantine Skedros, and Craig Miller of the Utah Arts Council Folk Arts Program. We'll look at the history of this unique community, and at how ethnicity is preserved in the "melting-pot" of America.

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  • KUED's Documentary Utah's Greek Americans
  • Constantine Skedros' book 100 Years of Faith and Fervor will be available after November 1st by calling the Greek Orthodox Church office at (801) 328-9681.

For information on events October 28 - October 30 celebrating The First 100 Years of Greek Orthodoxy in Utah, contact Joni Babalis Chelemes at 262-8219. Events include Taverna Night, Youth Breakfast & Rally, A Gala Celebration of Greek Orthodoxy, Hierarchical Divine Liturgy and a Jazz Brunch.