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Speaker Names Five Republicans, Four Democrats to Special Investigative Committee

Jul 17, 2013

House Speaker Becky Lockhart has announced the names of the representatives who will serve on the special committee investigating Utah Attorney General John Swallow.

The committee will consist of five Republicans and four Democrats. Republican Representative Lowry Snow, who is a former president of the Utah State Bar, will chair the committee. Representatives Brad Dee, Jim Dunnigan, Lee Perry, and Mike McKell are the other Republicans named to the committee. Representatives Jennifer Seelig, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Lynn Hemingway, and Susan Duckworth are the Democrats. Speaker Lockhart says she feels the 5 - 4 split was what the majority of the House members wanted.

“This is an issue I do not see as partisan. It has to do with the people of Utah and thier trust," Lockhart says.

House Minority Leader Jennifer Seelig, is ready to serve on the committee and says she feels good about the members Lockhart selected.

“The 5 – 4 split is fair. I think it helps balance out the variables of political party and helps us get through that perception to the real issues at hand," Seelig says.

During a special session of the Utah Legislature the House and Senate also approved three bills making changes to the functions of special investigative committee. The legislation allows the House Special Investigative committee the power to subpoena witnesses, grant immunity, and close their meetings under certain circumstances. The bills also allow the committee to grant attorneys and investigators from outside the state the right to practice in Utah.