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Salt Lake County Tax Breaks Available for Seniors, Vets, the Blind

Jul 31, 2014

The number of eligible Salt Lake County residents applying for county property tax relief programs has declined in recent years. That’s why Salt Lake County officials are reaching out to seniors and residents with disabilities during the month of August to get them signed up before the next deadline.

Salt Lake County tax relief programs can offer savings of up to $1000 per year for residents who are 65 years or older, are disabled or experiencing extreme financial hardship. Programs are also available for veterans with disabilities connected to their service, and the legally blind.  

Salt Lake County Treasurer Wayne Cushing administers the five tax relief programs in the county. He says there’s been a decline in applications particularly for residents who are legally blind and those over 65.

“So we’re thinking, that must mean there are a lot of people over 65 that must mean there are a lot of them that don’t know about the program or they are feeling too proud to apply for the program even though they deserve it,” Cushing says.

Rachel Casey has received assistance from county’s tax relief program for the past seven years. She says she was at first too shy to ask for help, but now she no longer has to worry about losing her home.

“When my husband was well and able to go to work, we were doing fine and we paid it just great,” Casey says. “But I’m not able to do it anymore, so it makes it so much easier for me now.”

In order to be considered for tax relief, applicants must provide tax returns and other proof of income. Treasurer Wayne Cushing says staff are prepared to help applicants fill out forms. His staff will be available at senior centers throughout Salt Lake County.