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Salt Lake County Mayor Calls for Volunteer Board Members

Feb 19, 2013

Pictured left to right are Citizen Volunteer Charles Henderson, Salt lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and Director of Diversity Rebecca Sanchez
Credit Bob Nelson

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is renewing the call for citizen volunteers to fill the ongoing demand in the county for volunteer board member positions. He says there is strength in diversity.

“We have turnover on the boards, people are appointed to serve a certain number of years and we’re trying to keep it fresh with bringing in people with new perspectives and new ideas,” says McAdams.

He says there are more than 100 boards in the county and a total of 1600 board members so citizens who want to help will likely find where they are most needed.

“What I’ve encouraged people to do is find something that maybe they have an interest in or background in and submit an application. We're always looking for people willing to help out and serve in their community,” McAdams says.

Active volunteer board member Charles Henderson says he sees it as his responsibility to contribute.

“My kids are being raised here and I think it’s important my kids understand that they need to be involved as well as the fact that I make it a better place for them and the people they live with in our communities,” says Henderson.  

Board Coordinator for Salt Lake County Sheryl Ivey says the need is constant with a 15 percent turnover rate. The list of openings and application forms is at