Salt Lake City Officials Celebrate MLK Day With Service

Jan 21, 2013

Members of the Salt Lake City council and newly elected Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams joined volunteers to give a helping hand at the Utah Food Bank today. The event was part of a day of service honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“It’s kind of hard but it’s fun. We’ve been kicking the boxes around pretending that we’re playing soccer and everyone’s in a good mood because we’re all hyped up on coffee and donuts,” says Laurel Conde.

She’s one of the more than 100 volunteers here at the Utah Food Bank sorting and packing canned food into empty boxes. She says that beyond just having the opportunity to serve helps her grow.

“I think service is very important. I think it builds character and helps people be more equal,” she says. 

Among the many other volunteers are Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and few of his children. He says he doesn’t know of a better way to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. than by serving others.

“There are people in this community who are needy," he says. "And if we are blessed in a way that we are able to give back what better way to give back than time and money and whatever means we have to contribute.”

Salt Lake City Council members Carlton Christensen and Kyle LaMalfa also participated. It’s the 12th year that Salt Lake City has joined with the Utah Food Bank to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.