Salt Lake City Celebrates Grand Opening of the Innovative Public Safety Building

Jul 19, 2013

Salt Lake City Mayor and other dignitaries cutting ceremonial "police tape" ribbon.
Credit Bob Nelson

Salt Lake City residents, city leaders and especially public safety officials celebrated the grand opening of the new Public Safety Building on 475 South 300 East Friday. The 125 million dollar facility combines police, fire, 911 dispatch headquarters, and the dedicated Emergency Operations Center. It is also designed to hold up during a magnitude 7.5 earthquake and still be operational. Salt Lake City Council Chair Kyle LaMalfa says it’s a misconception that local government is the connection to the people and businesses of Salt Lake City.

”The real interface between public and government are the people of public safety who are the bridge of the gap between order and chaos,” says LaMalfa.

He says the plaza is designed for public interaction with the various agencies in the building as well as the nearby library, Leonardo and City and County Building, making it all one campus.

Salt Lake City Council Chair Kyle LaMalfa explains unique design features and goals of the new Public Safety Building.
Credit Bob Nelson

Former Salt Lake City Mayor Deedee Corradini was in the crowd for the dedication ceremony. She says when she was mayor more than 15 years ago she and the city council tried to get people behind this project because the public safety building didn’t meet local needs even back then.

“It’s here, it’s beautiful, it’s a fabulous setting and I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled, especially for the public safety department. I mean what the conditions here will just help them so much in doing…they already do a magnificent job for our city," says the former mayor.  Corradini says, "This will enhance everything they do.”

Current Mayor Ralph Becker says the goal is to have the first public safety building in the nation to reach Net Zero status. It means the building will generate as much energy as is consumed through operations.

Former Mayor Deedee Corradini (!992-2000) with Salt Lake City Council member Soren Simonsen at the dedication ceremonies of the Public Safety Building.
Credit Bob Nelson