Salt Lake Chamber Announces Support for Transportation, Education | KUER 90.1

Salt Lake Chamber Announces Support for Transportation, Education

Jan 27, 2015

Utah business leaders gathered at the state Capitol today to announce their support of new funding for education and transportation throughout the state.

The Salt Lake Chamber is an association that advocates for the rights of local businesses. Their message? That a strong economy depends on a reliable transportation infrastructure and competitive education. Chamber member David Golden is Sr. Vice President of Wells Fargo Utah and Chair of the Transportation Coalition.

“Strong transportation infrastructure is a key element in creating and maintaining an economic environment where businesses thrive. Thriving businesses create jobs,” said Golden.

And Chamber officials believe the people who fill those jobs need a good education. So transportation and education go hand in hand. Alan Hall is managing director of Mercato Partners. He says these priorities are often wrongfully pitted against each other.

“But not this year,” he says. “We are arm and arm. We want to work together around that—because it is, again, one of the very pillars of an economy.”

The Salt Lake Chamber has not yet lent its support to any particular bills being considered during this legislative session. Lane Beattie is President and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. He told KUER they would wait to see specific proposals.