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Safety Concerns as Fire Investigation Begins

Feb 10, 2014

  A four-alarm fire destroyed an apartment building under construction in Salt Lake City yesterday.  The building was empty, and firefighters were able to protect neighboring structures as well as the Smith’s supermarket just across 500 South.  But Jasen Asay  with the Salt Lake City Fire Department says they don’t want to send investigators into the building until it’s safe.  He says one of the problems is a crane that was caught in the flames.

“The crane has been compromised," Asay tells KUER, "so the construction company has brought in two additional cranes to stabilize that first crane, and then they are planning on disassembling the crane, taking it apart and getting it out of there.”

The fire engulfed the entire building in minutes, even though it had no electric or gas connections.  Asay says investigators have to think about the possibility of arson as they begin looking for the cause.