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Republican Gary Herbert Wins A Third Term As Utah's Governor

Nov 9, 2016

Governor Gary Herbert defeated his Democratic challenger Mike Weinholtz with more than seventy percent of the vote to win re-election.

Democrat Mike Weinholtz, a first time candidate for political office called for increased public education funding and the protection of public lands. He also advanced the conversation around legalizing medical cannabis in the state. Weinholtz said it was a hard night, but called the loss a temporary setback for Democrats in the state.

“We spoke truth to power in ways that have never been done in this state before,” Weinholtz said. “And you know what that does? That means it makes it okay to do that again and again and again.”

Governor Herbert told KUER he’s ready to get back to work.

“Our focus really is going to be renewed emphasis on making the education system the best in America,” Herbert said. “We’ve done it for the economy, the best in America. Let’s now do it for the education system. That will propel us economically over the next generation.”

Herbert has now been re-elected to his second full term as Governor of Utah.  If he completes this term in 2020, he will become Utah second longest serving governor.