'Putting The Pill In The Pudding': An Interview With Danny Brown

Jan 30, 2014

Detroit rapper Danny Brown is nigh impossible to summarize; whether it be his penchant for rapping about club drugs, his (rather unexpected) appearance in Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" video, or Brown's surprising ability to wring real and disturbing pathos from tales of street life, the gap-toothed MC has always shown a knack for shape-shifting.   In a recent interview with NPR's Microphone Check, Brown spoke about life as a rapper over 30, the importance of his Detroit family (and his cat - "I have a Bengal cat. Named Siren."), as well as Brown's experiences surrounding the rich culture of Detroit electronic music. 

Detroit rapper Danny Brown speaks with NPR's Microphone Check.
Credit Sara Kerens/Courtesy of the artist