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No Write-In Campaign Planned by Murray Councilman Jim Brass

Aug 29, 2013

Murray City Councilman Jim Brass as he declares his candidacy for Mayor.
Credit Brian Grimmett

In the wake of Murray mayoral candidate David Wilde withdrawing from the race for health reasons, voters in Murray will have only one box to check on in November.  The primary’s third place finisher says he won’t mount a ballot write-in campaign.

City Attorney Frank Nakamura says state law prohibits the third place finisher in a non-partisan race from moving up. City Councilman Jim Brass placed a very close third to Wilde. Brass says his campaign was shocked at first by the announcement of a third place finish but he’s fine with it now.

“I’m comfortable with that and in some ways kind of relieved. I get my summer back. I don’t have to go spend two months campaigning," says Brass. "But I am disappointed for my, you know, particularly for my supporters. But again, I think Mr. Eyre will do very well and I’m still around so I’ll still have some influence,” Brass says.

He says he’s not doing a write-in campaign even though he still has time to make the deadline next week to file. He says he has two years to go on his council term and he wants to continue work on promoting Murray’s historic city center development.  Brass has served ten years on the city council. He says he won’t rule out another run for Murray Mayor at some point.